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Fire Cider in Brazil!

We received a wonderful note from a fellow herbalist in Brazil!

A couple of months ago I met a girl in Peru from Tweefontain, NY and got to know Fire Cider and a lot of wonderful things about the herbal world. She explained at that time the thing about the trademark and I thought it was ridiculous someone trying to do it so.  Anyway, I’ve been making Fire Cider for myself and I was thinking a way to help “Traditions not trademark”.  I believe Shire City Herbals can do anything outside US, I mean the trademark is valid only in US, is that right? So, I registered and it’s free to use. If it helps…I want to post the recipes, ingredients, history, etc -in Portuguese – on this blog to let brazilian people to learn about it


Thanks for the Solidarity!
Check out his website:

New Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on website!

We keep hearing some of these questions over and over!
Check out our answers here:

Why are herbalists so upset about this trademark?
What legal action has been taken against Shire City Herbals?
What legal action has been taken against herbalists by Shire City Herbals?
Why would they trademark the term “Fire Cider”?
What type of business is Shire City Herbals?
What happened to the anti-trademark Fire Cider page?
What are you trying to accomplish with the boycott?
Can I use the term Fire Cider?
What is the petition for?