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Fall 2014 Newsletter


Legal Update
A group of herbalists have filed for the cancellation of the Fire Cider trademark. Since filing, our cases have been consolidated by the United Stated Trademark and Patent Office (USTMPO).
They are gathering evidence and advising us how to move forward.
This process could take up to 1.5 years to complete! So bear with us, we probably won’t have any legal updates for a long time!

From Rosemary Gladstar
Your continued support to help free Fire Cider from its trademark is hugely appreciated. All together, we are making a difference! Please continue to support the Free Fire Cider movement by making your own Fire Cider, and by supporting the national boycott.
If there are stores in your area selling the Shire City brand of Fire Cider, please let them know about the boycott (there is material available on this website that explains the issue).
If you’d like Free Fire Cider brochures and postcards, contact Sage Mountain and we’ll mail them to you:
Or please print the  flyer from this website and post in your area.
Thank you for joining us in this grass roots movement to protect our traditional herbal legacy products from trademarking.

Fire Cider in the Press
Check out the local press Fire Cider is getting!
*Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism: My Champlain Valley website. A great video and interview with Larken Bunce:
*Spirit of Change: An editorial with both sides of the story, with Rosemary’s writing representing the herbalists perspective:
*Austin Chronicle: An interview with herbalist, Jen Easter:
*Plant Healers Magazine. Download this free edition at
*Essential Herbal also included a supportive article as well in their latest issue:
* Online resource:

Etsy Update
If you are an herbalist selling Fire Cider on Etsy, please get in touch with Etsy legal and let them know the trademark is in litigation.
Herbalists selling Fire Cider on Etsy are still being contacted by Etsy legal and SCH. Please let us know if you have been contacted!

The picture below was posted in the Spirit of Change editorial.
Rosemary Gladstar on the left/ Shire City Herbals on the Right.

rosemary:shc pic