World Fire Cider Making Day!

World Fire Cider Making Day is back!!

Saturday December 6, 2014

Join us on this special full moon to celebrate our beloved traditional remedy… Fire Cider!
On this day of action, please join together and make the remedy with thousands of anti-trademark Fire Cider supporters.
You can go the recipes on our website and find a recipe:
Please post pics on social media!
Check out the Pinterest pages dedicated to all things Fire Cider!  (Thanks Pat!)
Last February, we had 5000 people join together!  Lets see if we can beat that. Promote this event and lets get 10000 people to celebrate together!
Invite on Facebook:  World Fire Cider event

2 thoughts on “World Fire Cider Making Day!

  1. Debra Sitorius

    As a student and herbal practitioner I support keeping this wonderful winter remedy in the hands of the people! Thank you Rosemary and Sage Mountain folks for keeping us aware and for fighting the good fight. I will be participating in the world fire cider making event proudly showing my support for the cause.


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