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“In the midst of the madness of our world, hearts are breaking open, people are blossoming, and the golden soul of humanity is rising up. Never doubt it for an instant. Seek it out and nurture it.” ~ Rivera Sun Winter


This morning’s sunrise was so bright and colorful on the eastern horizon, that it lit a fire in my own heart , warming my core with its molten beauty. It is in the deepening of winter and the cold that has settled solidly around us, that we first begin to notice the earliest stirrings of new life, of days inching towards the light, and the growth that this new year promises. It is such a hopeful time, as a new year begins and we turn once more on the great medicine wheel of time. Like the plants stretching just a little in their frozen winter garments, I, too, feel my spirit stretching, reaching up for the northern lights.
Though we’ve not been as outwardly active in our Free Fire Cider campaign, only because we’ve all been so busy catching up on our other projects, we’re as committed as ever. We’ve been working closely with our trademark lawyer and have begun the long process of the cancellation proceedings. We will continue to keep you updated as news develops.

We are coming on the 1 year anniversary of our free fire cider movement!
Your ongoing support and help is deeply appreciated. The best way to help is to continue to make our own fire cider and to continue to try to get your local stores to not sell the trademarked brand name, but to sell locally made Fire Cider.

We have printed up some beautiful post cards and brochures (artwork donated by Heather Bruntil) that you can either have mailed to you from our office ( or print your own off our website,

I’ve been busy in my herbal pantry and have come up with a couple of fabulous new Fire Cider recipes I’m excited to share with you. I was decanting my latest batch of Fire Cider, which was sitting for exactly 4 weeks time. A little shorter than I like to let the herbs and vinegar macerate, but I needed this Fire Cider because there was a rash of flu going around Vermont. It’s not unusual for me to let the herbs sit overly long in the apple cider vinegar and when I do finally strain it, the herbs are quiet ‘spent’ as I offer then to the ‘compost goddess’. But this batch of herbs ~ all that beautiful garlic, horseradish, ginger, onions, cayenne, etc. ~ were beautiful and still so tasty and I couldn’t bring myself to toss them. So instead… I got creative!

I invite you to try both of these dee-licious Fire Cider Recipes for a spicy winter treat!

Fire Cider Chutney
There are many recipes for making fire cider, but my favorite blend of herbs is:
*garlic approximate 8 – 10 cloves
*finely chopped Horseradish root
*approx. 1⁄2 cup grated or finely chopped Onions
*approximate 1 medium sized onion
*finely chopped Ginger approximate
*1⁄2 cup grated
*1 – 2 cayenne peppers, to taste, crushed or chopped,
Options: add a lemon with peel and/or turmeric to the above recipe.
The batch I used to make my first Fire Cider chutney from had lemon w/peel in it, and it added a nice lemony flavor that enhanced the finished product.  I’ve made it without the lemon and it was equally as good. So be creative!

Step 1: Steep all ingredients raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar for 4-6 weeks.
Step 2: Strain and add honey and cayenne to taste…..Taste should be hot, spicy and pungent
Step 3: Strain the herbs after 4 -5 weeks.They should still be firm and flavorful.
Step 4: Add the herbs to a Cuisinart or blender, and grind coarsely (don’t blend into a smooth past, but only until coarse and crunchy). If too dry, add a little of the Fire Cider Vinegar to the mix. You might wish to add a little more honey and cayenne to taste.

Honey Onion Syrup w/ Fire Cider Chutney
My husband got the ‘grunge’ this winter while I was away with my mother on a little holiday to Mexico! My Mother’s 90 and still loves to travel. When I arrived home, Robert had a pretty bad cough, sore throat and a flu that had lodged in his lungs. I have a number of favorite recipes I knew would do the trick, but one that I always fall back on for sore throats is Onion Honey Syrup.

Step 1: Slice yellow onions into thin half moons and place in a pot. Cover with honey, and with the lid slightly ajar (just enough to let a little of the steam out) slowly heat the onions and syrup. The heat should be low enough so that honey is warm, but not simmering or boiling. Cook for about 30-40 minutes over low heat, until the onions are very soft and the honey is deeply infused with onion juice. This make s a very tasty syrup that is very effective for deep bronchial coughs.
Step 2: You can further enhance by adding garlic with the onion for even stronger syrup. When my son was still little, I use to make this syrup every winter and leave it on the back of the old wood cook stove to keep it warm. It was a favorite medicine of Jason’s, and he was often found with his spoon in that pot licking up the sweet For an Added Punch, add Fire Cider Chutney: The syrup was a little too sweet for Robert.

Since I had just finished straining the Fire Cider and making my first batch of Fire Cider Chutney, I decided to try adding some of it to the onion syrup. To make a nicer syrup consistency, I blended the Chutney into a finer paste, and then added the paste to the onion syrup. It was divine!!! Sweet and soothing, with just enough fire and spark to make it elegantly delicious and healing. Do try both these new recipes!

Fire Cider isn’t for everyone so be sure to adjust flavors For those who prefer a little less fire and spice in their lives! ….And if I may put in a little political plug for Fire Cider…. Please continue to support Tradition not Trademark and continue advocating for Freeing Fire Cider from its unscrupulous trademark.

Love, Rosemary
“Watching gardeners label their plants I vow with all beings to practice the old horticulture and let plants identify me.” ~ Robert Aitken

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