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Spring Newsletter 2015. Call for evidence!!

Latest News!




Please send us your evidence!
It is our turn overwhelm the trademark office with proof that the term Fire Cider is generic.
We cannot win this without your evidence!!!!!
Send us any proof that the term Fire Cider existed before 2012.  If it is time stamped, that works better, but not necessary.

You can send as evidence:
*Sales receipts/ end of year sales totals
*Standard Operating Procedure
*Lot# logs
*Blog posts
*Picture of your market stand/ store display
*Picture of your labels
*Class notes

Please mail evidence directly to our lawyers:


General Update
Happy Spring!
Hopefully most of you are awakening from the winter hibernation period!

We are in the midst of our legal battle, and are looking towards that light at the end of the tunnel.

We are still receiving reports that folks are getting letters from Shire City Herbals, and one herbalist received an official “Cease and Desist” letter from SCH lawyers.

Until the cancellation proceedings are finished, herbalists don’t have many options if they receive a letter from SCH.
Some herbalists are successfully ignoring SCH letters, and some herbalists have changed their labels.

It has been brought to our attention that owner of Shire City Herbals, Amy Huebner, has been making claims on Facebook about the Free Fire Cider campaign, accusing the organizers of spreading lies and creating a smear campaign against her business.

Check out our FAQ page:  and Rosemary’s article in Spirit  of Change: spirit of change article for our full side of the story.

If you choose to engage with with any of the owners of Shire City Herbals, please send us a screen shot of the conversation @


Fire Cider Artwork
Check out this beautiful Fire Cider print from an artist in Madison, Wisconsin.
Lesely Numbers of Patchwork Printshop is selling these beautiful prints online.



Shire City Herbals: A profile with pictures
Alot of people have been asking, ” What type of business is Shire City Herbals?”.
After one of our blog posts referring to them as a “national company”,  SCH has recently claimed,  “We run the business out of our apartment.  How on earth does that make us a national company? ”
We referred to them as a national company because they sell a product nationally.

You be the judge!
Take a look at the pictures that are posted on the SHC website and see what you think..

Which is it? Do they have a warehouse and specialized industrial equipment? Or do they run their business out of their apartment?
Why would they need to hold onto a trademark (especially after a national campaign was launched against them) if they are just working out of their apartment? Why are their no pics of the “apartment” on the website?

Below are pictures from the
(Shire City Herbals website).

SCH owner in a warehouse
SCH owners in an industrial kitchen with specialized equipment.
Screen shot from their website of all the stores they sell to.

Check out their blog post: “Field trip to the Fire Cider kitchen”.

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