Latest Update!

Update October 2017-
We are going to trial to protect the generic herbal term fire cider from trademarks! We are still waiting for our trial date.


Thanks for your support! Kathi, Mary, Nikki and Rosemary

3 thoughts on “Latest Update!

  1. Kate Newburger

    Good luck to all of us! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help other than sign a petition. And please let us know when the court date is!

    Prayers and blessings!

  2. Daryl Clark

    Sending prayers of Divine Love & Light to everyone and believing that the name “Fire Cider” will be free for all to use. It was a herbal blessing given to Rosemary to heal. I pray Shire City will wake up and realize there is no need to fear. There are plenty of people to share this wonderful blessing with. New customers are being born everyday! Coca “Cola” and Pepsi “Cola” have both survived with many other colas being sold. I pray and believe “Fire Cider” will be free at last!

  3. John Marikos

    In college, I took a course in trademarks and copyrights from an attorney who specialized in this kind of law. One of the first things he told us about trademarks is that there had to be search to make sure that the words to be trademarked had not been used by someone else. So, they had to be new words. So, this trademark should not have a legal leg to stand on.


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