6 thoughts on “2019: Finally! We Have a Courtdate

  1. Alex Du Toit

    Thank you! I have a products line and my main selling tonic is the Master Tonic, a form of fire cider original recipe. The people from Fire Cider contacted me years ago when I #firecider and said I could not use their hashtag, etc. I am glad to hear this court date is happening.

  2. Carolyn

    Help you win ? By stealing a TM from the most loving & generous Herbal grandmother to thousands ? You should be ashamed of yourselves ! TM was over two decades ago ! Like any other TM name … follow the law or look it up if you don’t understand what a TM is ?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Carolyn. Just wanted you to know that this page is for those that want trademark free herbal remedies. Our courtdate is because we were sued and we are working to free the trademark and help it go back to being a generic remedy, coined by our mentor and friend Rosemary

  3. Michael T Smith

    Looking forward to the resolution of this disgrace. Just had a conversation with the Product Coordinator of Wegman’s about removing Shire City products from the shelves of their stores.


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