The trial is over, now we wait….

The team!!
(L to R) Defendants: Nicole Telkes, Mary Blue, Rosemary Gladstar, Kathi Langelier, Legal team from Verill Dana: Jim Goggin, Seth Coburn and Jen Harrell
The Fire Cider 3 with Rosemary
(L to R) Nicole Telkes, Mary Blue, Rosemary Gladstar and Kathi Langelier

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The Fire Cider trial started March 25, 2019, and ran through July 2, 2019. We had to travel back and forth to Springfield, MA federal court 4 times making the trial a total of 9 days. The court had other cases to hear, and our trial had so many witnesses, we kept having to schedule more time to come back! We now wait to hear the verdict. The judge has as much time as he needs to decide. We will be posting updates when hear! So sit tight, and join us for the ride!! Thank you for your continued support!!

The federal courthouse in Springfield, MA is made of all glass and was built around ancient Linden and Beech trees. There was Black Cohosh flowering under the trees on the last day of the trial!!

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